Holistic Choices

True Health Mastery - The Science and Ancient Art

Nutritional Health Transformations

Free Introductory Short Course

by Mary Esther Gilbert, MS HN, BS NSP

Nutritional Physiologist, Nutritional Healing Specialist,

Sports Nutritionist, Educator, Researcher, Author, Speaker

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In this free introductory, shortened version of the more in-depth paid course, you will learn:

  • What 99% of all health ailments have in common, and the simple solution that is being overlooked, ignored, or dismissed.
  • How to select the best kinds of functional foods that improve: 

1. Physical and mental energy

2. Mental concentration and mind clarity

3. Ability to handle stress

4. Naturally adjust body fat

5. Elevated sense of inner calm, self-worth, and happiness

  • Smart ways to save time and money on your food bill.
  • Look and feel great the rest of your life.
  • Pass on a legacy of greater health to those you care about.
  • Help make the world a healthier place just by the purposeful choices you make.

Years of university studies show how the healing foods in my unique and complete nutritional system have been found to reverse inflammation, pain and chronic fatigue, and improve brain and immune system functioning, naturally adjust hormone imbalances.

Studies also show how the biochemical properties of plant foods in my system help the body eliminate toxic chemicals found in cosmetics, household cleaners and industrial chemical pollutants, and heal injuries and improve mobility. 

Such toxic chemicals in the environment and consumer products are now linked to cancers, nerve and brain disorders, a compromised immune system, disrupt hormones of the reproductive system and therefore affect learning, memory and cognition.

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