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Holistic Choices

True Health Mastery - The Science and Ancient Art

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APL Product Reference Source

Packed with 531 pages of beautifully illustrated botanical descriptions, an encyclopedia of terms, an extensive plant phytonutrient database, and much more!

The APL Product Reference

Nutritional Health Guide

by Mary Esther Gilbert, MSc, BSc

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  • Improving Your Own Nutritional Health and Why You Should Include the Nutraceutical APL Supplements in Your Daily Nutritional Health Management
  • The Science and Exclusive Technology that Make APL Nutraceuticals More Effective than Any Other Supplement
  • Getting Common Questions Answered About the Energy-Active, Viable APL Supplements and Your Nutritional Health Management
  • How to Become Highly Knowledgeable About Your Nutritional Physiology and the Over 1,000 Phytonutrient Factors in the Botanical Ingredients in APL Drops that Boost the Body's Innate Health Protective and Regenerative Health Capacity 
  • Learn About the APL Business Opportunity and the Pathway to Business Success

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