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The APL Product Reference

Nutritional Health Guide

The Educational and Information Sharing Tool

For APL Associates Seeking Evidence-Based Knowledge

Get Your Copy of this Beautifully Illustrated,

Invaluable Go-To Reference

You'll Refer to Again and Again

Important Message: Barns & Noble Books is no longer able to make book royalty payments to authors due to financial troubles. Therefore, the print version of the APL Product Reference Nutritional Health Guide is now available through Amazon. There is a new book cover for the print version, but the content in the book is exactly the same.

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"The APL Product Reference & Nutritional Health Guide hard copy is out! I just received it in the mail. What a resource! The charts are very detailed and depicts the APL drop formulations' product ingredients in vibrant colors. It's chock full of info that should make any APL business builder very knowledgeable about what we have our hands on!" C.T., Phoenix

"Just received “The APL Product Reference Nutritional Health Guide” !!! What an awesome guide to understanding why we’re experiencing results with APL drops! L.Y., American Canyon

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The APL Product Reference Nutritional Health Guide

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Why You Should Own This Reference Book

  • Expands knowledge and increases advocacy about the incredible health benefits of the superfood botanicals in the APL products.
  • Effectively helps strengthen trust and confidence in the company and its products.
  • Empowers you as an Associate to effectively share information and help customers make highly informed choices, which earns you more respect as a knowledgeable company representative and builds customer loyalty.
  • To gain a deeper understanding of what makes the APL drops so unique and why happy customers are enthusiastically spreading the news about their personal product experiences and results.
  • APLGo is leading the world in the nutritional supplements industry, and with this reference source, you can become a better informed leader to build a more solid APL business.
  • Provides the professional credibility that can multiply your success by properly educating your customers. A correctly informed customer is a loyal customer..
  • Is an excellent reference tool to help you improve your own nutritional health management most effectively and to enjoy a healthful, happier, active life.

What's In the Book

  • Beautiful color photographs of every botanical ingredient.
  • Scientific Monographs describing the science behind the many renowned health benefits of the botanicals in the APL formulations.
  • Complete, cited descriptions of every botanical ingredient's nutrient factors and their proven health benefits.
  • Convenient, quick reference charts that provide product information at a glance, and help determine product choices more quickly.
  • Business and legal compliant guidelines for appropriate professional conduct and information sharing, and responsibilities as APL Associates.
  • Extensive Encyclopedia Compendium of Terms for help with definitions and expanding appreciation for how the human body utilizes and benefits from the APL lozenge drops
  • A section dedicated to helping to increase understanding and awareness of the amazing inner universe of one's own nutritional physiology and delicate body ecology.
  • Phytonutrient Monographs describing the amazing functions and health benefits of the 1,000 invaluable phytochemicals contained in the delicious APL drops.
  • Hundreds of scientific references throughout the book for those wanting to explore more in-depth the peer reviewed scientific studies that have been conducted on every botanical and their extensive amounts of potent nutrient factors.
  • Detailed descriptions of the products' all food-derived "Other Ingredients" (food pigments as natural food colorings, food-derived flavorants, non-GMOs, etc.).
  • Establishes a strong foundation of knowledge for effective management of one's own nutritional physiology and why it is critical to understand the body's micro inner universe for preventing the degenerative and deficiency disease process.
  • Description of the Acumullit SA Technology applied in the production of the APL drops that makes them so unique and rapidly effective.
  • And much more.

The APL Product Reference and Nutritional Health Guide

By Mary Esther Gilbert, MS HN, BSc NSP

Images Courtesy of Ageo Product Line, LLC, ©2018

Scientific Monographs and Scientific References

This APL reference manual contains highly-researched product monographs that reveal the health attributes of the over sixty botanical ingredient superfoods in APL's formulations, providing an excellent information source about the functional nutritional health benefits that can be derived from the APL nutraceutical drops. 

Encyclopedia Compendium of Terms

The book also provides a comprehensive encyclopedia compendium of terms to help increase the associate distributor's and customer's knowledge to advance their nutritional health management and help others. Designed to increase knowledge and raise the qualifications of APL associates, the reference also includes detailed functional descriptions of every essential nutrient, and monographs for each of the hundreds of phytonutrients contained in the drops. 

Nutritional Health Benefits of "Other Ingredients"

The book also contains full descriptions of all of the food-derived organic and kosher "other ingredients", as well as responsible distributor legal guidelines and professional ethics. Also included are quick reference charts for added convenience, and sections on the use of the drops, and more. 

Acquire the Right Knowledge for Effectively Assisting Your Customers

With the APL Product Reference Nutritional Health Guide, the associate distributor can acquire the critical education, training and science-backed evidence of APL products, and be more proficient at assisting customers in selecting their formulation/s that would be the most effective. 

 Knowledgeable associate distributors and customers means more abundance while contributing to increasing  the health of humanity. 

A Series of Informative Videos for

Your Nutritional Health and APL Success

  • Product Overviews; Building Your Product Knowledge
  • Protecting Your Health with the Right Nutritional Knowledge

APL Talk! Video Episode with Host Carl Tichenor

 See Carl's interview and Discussion About the APL Product Reference Nutritional Health Guide with

Ms.Gilbert discusses the science behind the APL nutraceutical supplements, and how the body uses the vast array of their various vital nutrient factors to improve cellular functions in all body systems to dramatically improve health. 

APL Product Reference Nutritional Health Guide - Interview with Author Mary Esther Gilbert

APL Talk! An in-depth interview by host Carl Tichenor, M.Ed., USA Track & Field Level 1 Certified maker of champions, and Business Development Specialist, with author-publisher Nutritional Physiologis...

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