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True Health Mastery - The Science and Ancient Art

"Achieving extraordinary health and protecting yourself against degenerative disease takes more than the average 'healthy' diet and a general exercise routine. It takes going a little deeper into the micro universe of the human cell to understand the multiple causes of degenerative health, and exactly what you need to do to protect your genetic integrity."

Taking a whole health approach in the education of her clients and students for optimally managing true health, Mary Esther Miranda Gilbert (Esther) integrates her B.S. in nutrition science with a B.S. and M.S. from her comprehensive holistic education in nutritional healing, with years of research, educating and writing as a nutritional physiologist and consultant.

For over four decades, she has effectively researched and developed evidence based nutritional protocols founded upon nutrition science physiology and holistic, whole health nutrition. In teaching clients a more effective understanding of how to master their health, she also draws upon scientific research from the fields of biophysics/biophotonics and bioenergy work as a Reconnective Healing practitioner. 

Esther is an honors graduate, having earned a Bachelor and Master of Science Degree in Holistic Nutrition. She is also a summa cum laude honors graduate of Kaplan University with a Bachelors degree in Nutrition Science. She is a member of the International Golden Key Honor Society, and the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society and Alumni of Kaplan University. 

With over 40 years experience as a nutrition science physiology and alternative medicine research writer, Esther has educated her clients and audiences about the essential connection between understanding and applying complete and correct nutrition, and mastering one’s health. 

As a nutritional healing specialist, fitness and holistic lifestyle consultant, Esther has developed evidence-based nutritional health-improving protocols for clients with many types of nutritional deficiency conditions, such as chronic illnesses and degenerative conditions, as well as for pre-surgery and post surgery recovery. 

She has also helped athletes and fitness enthusiasts improve their physical and mental performance in their sports, and to recover from athletic injuries through nutritional replenishment to accelerate the healing process. Esther has also worked with clients wishing to improve their physical presence for special occasions, career advancement, and improved self-image.

With years of study, research, experience in practice and witnessing client successes, Esther asserts that nutrition is the foundation from which to begin building extraordinary health and reverse the damaging effects of nutrient devoid food choices and other health-threatening environmental factors. 

She maintains that whole nutrition can effectively resolve the current health care crisis, and that disease prevention and health restoration can be achieved through complete and correct nourishment at the micro level. 

Esther states that the essential components of true health mastery include preventive and corrective nutritional health management by integrating a scientific, yet holistic approach, with an awareness of one’s own physiology when fulfilling the body's nutrient/energy requirements, and realizing the necessity of exercise for balancing the body's chemistry, improving strength,endurance and flexibility. Proper physical health management along with self-growth and personal development while seeking a purposeful and enjoyable life are the key components for a happier existence.

Esther attributes her clients’ successful health mastery to the comprehensive guidelines and principles she has developed that have come to be known as The Tenets of True Health©™ which includes the nutritional protocol system she developed, known as whole health Nutritional Synergy©™. Her unprecedented, unique system is a versatile, food choice and supplements system that is more nutritionally complete, and simplifies the often overwhelming task of ensuring that the body consistently receives the full range of all known essential nutrients daily, while teaching the necessity of a strong foundation of understanding of the vast and complex sciences of nutrition and one's own physiology.

Beginning an exercise program, returning to exercise after a layoff period, or maintaining a high level of fitness, is essential for helping to create conditions in the body that strengthen all body systems. Combined with maintaining optimal nutritional wellness, for optimal results cannot be produced without the other, the Nutritional Synergy©™ system strongly supports a progressive exercise program, resulting in predictable, consistent improvements in physical and life performance.

Optimal Health Means Significantly Slowing the Aging Process

Esther's True Health Mastery instructional courses teach how to revive and enjoy a youthful level of fitness and vitality by resetting one's biological age and slowing aging even throughout one's advancing chronological years. Whole health nutrition and a holistic approach to exercise is the key to slowing down the aging process and improving one's physical condition. 

As a striking example, shown below is an old photo taken of Esther at age twenty in 1975 before embarking on a holistic approach to managing her nutritional and fitness lifestyle. She built and maintained a high level of fitness consistently through her thirties and forties, and in her fifties, which continues now into her sixties, and with no sign of wear and tear on joints, connective tissues and muscles, and still maintains a high bone density. Occasional, accidental athletic injuries spread over many years were rapidly healed and full functioning restored. She and countless other clients have applied her True Health Mastery principles and have transformed their health and their lives.

Esther's own personal holistic exercise protocol includes a balanced program of weight training, running and hiking for maintaining strength and endurance, and incorporates her ballet, yoga and martial arts training for maintaining flexibility, balance and coordinated movement, for a total, higher mind-body-spirit interconnectedness.

Esther holds a black belt in the original mixed martial art of Kajukenbo, the only U.S. born martial art that originated in Hawaii. She also has studied the Philippine martial art of Arnis Kombatan, a system incorporating many martial arts that focuses on use of stick-fighting, swords and other ancient weaponry. 

She studied both martial arts under Kajukenbo Professor and Kombatan Master Andres Marquez III in Fairfield, California for over twelve years, and has served as one of his instructors as well for many years since. She maintains that by working her way through the challenging, disciplined martial arts, she has earned a sense of inner strength, self-respect and self-belief, while mastering inner calm and maintaining a core of strength and oneness with the universal forces of nature.

Only through a commitment of applying the powerful synergy of her whole health nutrition True Health Mastery program, however, is perpetual health and fitness possible, for complete and correct cellular micro nourishment is critical to avoid the typical athlete's degenerative injuries that prevent them from staying active and at a greater level of fitness their whole life. When injuries occur, healing should be rapid and complete, as she can attest to with the accidental injuries she has incurred in the martial arts! 

Esther and Professor-Master Andy Marquez III, 2018

In living a holistic life, Esther enjoys healthy dining and gatherings with family and friends, spending time in nature and in silent prayer or meditation. By teaching others how to transform their nutritional and physical health that inevitably leads to new perspectives and meaningful life changes, she plays an active role in helping to preserve harmony and peace in humanity for the sake of all living things on Earth. Esther currently resides in Tucson, Arizona.

"There is only one true way to steer clear of the degenerative disease process as in a chronic condition, a debilitating physical condition, or with rapid aging, and that is to care for the body the way it was designed, in full cooperation with the universal natural laws of nature. Only then can the disease process be halted and reversed back toward optimal health."